Honda Ridgeline - successful choice

During creation of new car Honda Ridgeline the Honda’s company has broken all available laws of motor industry. Checking technical characteristics Honda Ridgeline it seems, that founders of the car have at all forgotten all old dogmas. Honda Ridgeline is the car created on the basis of old workings out and combining the basic positive moments, containing in the device of pickups and off-road cars. And as a result have created, perhaps, best pickup in the world.

Creation history

For the first time car Honda Ridgeline has been presented public in 2004 at automobile exhibition in Las Vegas. The car is let out by American factory Honda in Ontario.

The next year by the American national administration on safety of traffic it has been recognised, that car Honda Ridgeline became the first-ever 4-door pickup, received five "stars" for the safety both in front, and in lateral crash-tests.


Honda RidgelineThe same year the same organisation recognises Honda Ridgeline "not most overturned", and in a year this car has been recognised by the best pickup according to inhabitants of 50 states, and also the best car in segment TRUCK OF THE YEAR 2006.

Today, Honda Ridgeline comes in small batches and in the domestic market in the search for true fans of this wonderful technology. Outwardly this car looks as the monster: it only in salon such friendly, leather and spacious. And outside the car the present rock. The mountain ridge will be more true, if to translate the car name literally. Here only straight lines and sharp corners over 5 metres. Practically three tons of a steel which are supported by power 6 cylinders established under a corner to each other. There are main technical characteristics Honda Ridgeline.